EasyWP Review – Namecheap WordPress Hosting – Advantages & Disadvantages (2021)

EasyWp managed WordPress hosting by Namecheap company. We tested Namecheap wordpress hosting based on provided information on their website.

 Experimented with two different websites hosted in Namecheap WordPress hosting, we freshly installed one website, and another one was an old website with lots of plugins. Let’s see what we found,

What is EasyWP Managed WordPress hosting?

EasyWp mainly builds for a managed WordPress hosting solution powered by NameCheap. In this platform, the client will get a hassle-free pre-installed WordPress website. Easy Customise Dashboard with all future include,

The offer included with Easywp hosting plan

30 days of Free Trial
100% Uptime Guarantee Always live
50k monthly visitor for starter plan
3X Faster than standard WordPress on traditional shared hosting

all plan
all plan include

Can I use a custom Domain name with EasyWp ?

Any Domain name can use with EasyWp, Domain Register With Namecheap can easily implement with one click,

If your Domain register from another company you have to set up, EasyWp provide a free temporary domain name that you have to set up with your ALIAS record the side of the domain registrar,

Why Does Website Speed Matter?

YES, In this day website speed is a big issue, website ranking in google also depend on website speed, so its matter,

as per a google report, 53% of the website visitor leave a website that takes longer than 3 seconds to load,

So, we will use plugins and themes, and images on our website, and then we will test the speed. After that test, if we get a good result, then we can rate it,

Honestly! EasyWP Hosting So Much Faster?

EasyWp is Faster than other hosts !! We have tested it with two websites. One is freshly installed without any plugin and image, 2nd test with 85 installed plugin, image, and paid theme.

To benchmark the testing, we use Gtmetrix free tools that can use anyone, and Our target is to find a real picture,

The first new website we will test

we use a clean theme default theme (Twenty Nineteen)
We used GTmetrix Canadian server for testing
We created a new fresh website
we did not install the plugin except without installed the default plugin
we installed an SSL certificate

Excellent result with rocket speed, right? Website loading time less than a minute, well let’s see 2nd test with the old site.

2nd speed Test we made with our client old website

we use Motor Themes
we used GTmetrix Canadian server for testing
We use Old website
we installed 85 plugins
Namecheap default installed SSL certificate
some banner image used on the website
no-cache plugin used
one image compress plugin used

Here the result site loading in 3.5 seconds with 39% performance,

EasyWP speed comparison table as per Namecheap

What web server technology is Easywp using?

EasyWp using Xeon Processor, hefty RAM, NVMe disks, and a 40 Gigabit network, 3-tier cache system & Nginx web server technology and in-house Cloud platform

How many visitors can handle the EasyWP Starter package?

50K monthly visitors can handle the EasyWP Starter plan. Well, we try to calculate a scenario.

50k = 50000 visitor

50000 monthly / 30 day = 1666.66 visitor per day

1666 day / 24 hours = 69.44 visitor per hours

69 hourly / 60 minute = 1.15 visitor per minute

EasyWP hosting package price

30-day free trial offering from Namecheap, 20% & 50% discount on yearly package

The price comparison table is only shown for the Easywp starter package.

Introducing with EasyWP Dashboard

You will see hosting Overview, domain address, WordPress version, and website space on this first-page Overview.

At the up of this page, you can see that subdomain created by Namecheap that you have to alias with your domain, and this subdomain installed free SSL, but when you add a domain, you need to purchase an SSL certificate,

Customize domain setup

example of setup custom domain that not registered with Namecheap in domain setup option

SSL certificate setup option

You have to add SSL certificate detail or upload a certificate file like the below picture.

we use a free SSL certificate that was issued by a third party website

EasyWP Backup option

SFTP and Database Access

Via SFTP (secure file transfer protocol) is the only way to upload your file because Easywp don’t have Cpanel, you can access your website database through the Phpmyadmin from the dashboard,

Real Experience with EasyWP ( we offer some services & do dome freelancing job )

Our client website was infected with malware, and EasyWP hosting doesn’t provide any malware scanning tools.

Some malware injected code was in the database. When we try to clean those injected codes via Phpmyadmin, it’s just giving us ” 200 error” and “network connection lost,”

after we ask help in support, what they did don’t know the site goes down, we inform them, and they told us they would fix it with high priority, we have to wait for their email,

The website index page was looking the same for more than seven days.

After 24 hours, we contact support same information, and it’s continued to run for seven days. We are working on it as a high priority. We are not able to clean our site because of down and database also throwing same error after 1 SQL query,

when they re-store from the backup issue was not solve, and they have no valid explanation about it,

SFTP and Database Access issue

maximum time Sftp issue we face, there is no valid reason, id password was same, suddenly it staring works for some time after that again disconnected,

Next, we delete our website from EasyWp and created a new fresh copy of WordPress, and restore your infection clean website through all in wp plugin,

point to be noted that we are not able to manually edit, remove or upload or execute any SQL command from Easywp PHPMyAdmin,

Pros of EasyWP hosting

1. Easywp package offers competitive price than other WordPress hosting provider

2. 30-day free trial is a great scope for the test there services

3. Fast loading speed that we tested with our fresh install website and old website with plugins

Cons of EasyWP hosting

1. SSL certificate not free for domain register with other registered, so the extra cost for purchases SSL certificate

2. We Don’t have a Malware scanning facility, so if your website infected with malware,

maybe you will face an issue that I mention before, and you have to pay extra money for infection cleaning services

3. EasyWP support not helpful

4. setup domain register from another company little bit complicated for a newbie

5. No CDN include with EasyWP starter plan

6. SFTP Connection issue

7. working with Phpmyadmin Database connection issue


Before purchase any hosting package from any company, we should need to consider some technical point and need to review the client rating,

I share my personal experience and analysis with you all, and you can share your thoughts and experience in the comments below.

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