The system failed to create the file error in Cpanel server Inode issue

The system failed to create file error Cpanel server, no space left on the device this error message will be visible in your Cpanel dashboard,

Basically, if web server disk capacity is full, a similar issue can arise without an error message, and the system goes down,

But in our case after debugging our server, the issue was in Server Inode capacity was 100% uses, that’s why The system failed to create file error message was showing on your Cpanel dashboard,

server inode find
Inode uses 100% in the folder./data pic -1

Before check the server inode issue, we debug for disk space issue first, when we checked its look normal, after that, we check the Inode issue with the command “#~ df -f” ,

In this screenshot pic-1 you can preview the status of the server with the red arrow, inode uses 100% on /dev/vdb1 block in folder /data, now we have to find which function and specific folder using 100% inode,

There have another issue found when we try to Export our database from PHPMyAdmin

This Phpmyadmin Error showing for same The system failed to create file error no disk space

phpmyadmin issue
Phpmyadmin error massage

In This Below picture, you can review server disk space available and inode 100% full statics

inode statics
Disk and inode statics

The solution was, in my case, ./data folder was my website home directory,  I analyze this Data folder to locate the suspected folder which one using 100% inode, in your case folder can very,

inode suspected

You can see 45g ./object folder using 100% server Inode that is related to w3cache plugin, yes it’s very interesting but we discovered it,

the plugin was disabled but when the first time it was enabled, w3cache plugin created some code in .htaccess,

That .htaccess code was making an issue, we just enable the w3cache plugin to clear all cache and disable and remove it,  .htaccess w3cache plugin code was deleted and the server comeback to normal status.

inode normal
server in normal position

The problem can be different in your cache but the way of debugging technic is the same,

Hope this article helps you to fix the same issue if it happens with your server, let me know what you think about this article in the comments below,

you can contact me if you need assistance, we offer system admin support,

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